NetSecL OS is a general purpose OS runnable from flash-drive and other media. Based on OpenSuse suitable for Desktop. Once installed you can fully enjoy a fast and fully featured Desktop. NetSecL Firewall is directly integrated into the OS. Check the demo: .Currently we are working on other projects too: General Purpose OS (NetSecL OS); Virtualization (NetSecL VM); Tools (NetSecL Toolset) - in progress of renewal. Check them out and comment.

Download the latest version: NetSecL 6.0 released      Release Date: 2015-10-04

Welcome to the official site of NetSecL OS

Unlike previous versions NetSecL OS is much slimmer, faster, general purpose oriented and availible for flash drives. As you might know previous versions were concentrated on security and penetration tools and you can still find them on our FTPs under v5 folder. Currently we are splitting the project in several new directions:

- Tools (NetSecL Toolset) - in progress of renewal

- Virtualization (NetSecL VM)

- General Purpose OS (NetSecL OS)